Ali Maaloul appears in Al-Ahly after Tunisias medical trip and continues his gym training


The Tunisian Ali Maaloul, the left back of the Al-Ahly team, returned to Cairo and was present today in the gym at the touch stadium on the island to complete his treatment and rehabilitation program to recover from the injury in the posterior muscle, and Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the football manager at Al-Ahly, was keen to reassure the player’s condition during a session with him after his return from His country to complete the implementation of its qualifying program inside the club.

Maaloul has been absent from Al-Ahly matches since he was injured in the Bayern Munich match on February 8 at the Club World Cup, and he underwent a qualification program in Tunisia in recent days in coordination with the Al-Ahly technical staff before returning to Cairo today and appearing in the “gym.”

On the other hand, Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla, the doctor of the first football team at Al-Ahly Club, said that Mohamed Mahmoud, the player of the team, walks regularly on the way back to participating in group training during the coming period.

Al-Ahly’s doctor explained that the player performs physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises regularly and is constantly improving, as he performs the last phase of the treatment program before participating in the exercises within 3 weeks..

And Mohamed Mahmoud had missed the team’s group training since he suffered a cut in the cruciate ligament and underwent knee surgery and then began physical therapy during the last period..

On the other hand, Mahmoud Wahid, the left back of the team, continues to implement the paragraphs of the treatment program that he has been subjected to since his earlier injury..

Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla confirmed that Waheed will be ready to start participating in the team’s training within 3 weeks, with continuous examination and periodic measurements to ensure that he fully recovered from the injury..

Waheed had suffered a torn back muscle and was undergoing intense physical therapy training to prepare him for matches..


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