Ali Maaloul outside the top of the league between Al-Ahly and Zamalek


Tunisian Ali Maaloul, the Al-Ahly player, has slim chances to catch up with the summit match against Zamalek, scheduled for April 18th, due to his incomplete recovery from a torn back muscle and his need for some time to fully recover from the injury that prevented him from participating in matches for a long time.

A source in Al-Ahly revealed that disabled He was discharged from the accounts of the red team’s technical staff in the summit match, due to the need for some time of treatment before fully recovering, in light of the technical staff’s fear of rushing to pay him and his injury would be renewed, especially since the player has come a long way from completing his qualifying program.

AndAl-Ahly’s technical staff is afraid From the exacerbation of the player’s injury if he was rushed to push him in the summit match, the injury recurred, as happened in the rush to pay it before the Vita Club match in the Champions League, and as a result of this the player’s injury was renewed and his continued absence for a month from his team’s collective training.

AndHe sees the coaching staff To Al-Ahly that the top match will be difficult for Maaloul, so pushing the player into a match with this strength and after a long injury and absence may increase the risks of a recurring injury.

Petso Musimini, Technical Director of Al-Ahly Club, was keen to check on the condition of the Tunisian Ali Maaloul from Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla, the doctor of the red team, in order to know the player’s condition and the chances of him catching up with his team’s match against Zamalek at the top of the Egyptian League.

Musimani wants to equip Maaloul to be ready to participate in the summit match against Zamalek, as he is one of the important players and the trump cards that the coach depends on in building his game plan, especially at the offensive level.

Ali Maaloul is undergoing a qualification program for Al-Ahly in order to be ready to participate in the matches after suffering a rupture in the posterior muscle, which caused his departure from the ranks of Al-Ahly since the injury in his team’s match against Bayern Munich in the semi-finals of the Club World Cup, specifically on February 8th.


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