All you want to know about the developments in treating the injured in Al-Ahly


The fans of the Al-Ahly club are following with interest the file of the injured in the red team, especially since the team suffers from many absences in the recent period due to the large number of injuries, while the team is playing important matches, whether in the general league competition or the African Champions League.

Q: What is new in the file of Hamdy Fathy’s injury?

Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla, the doctor of the football first team at Al-Ahly club, confirms that Hamdi Fathy, the midfielder of the team, will undergo a medical examination next Thursday to determine the developments of his condition after the surgery he underwent in the arm, explaining that the player is constantly improving, and that the medical examination will Determines the next stage of the physical therapy program that he will undergo.

Q: Can the player participate in group training soon?

A: It is decided that the player will participate in some part of the training in a certain way to avoid contact until he participates in group training normally, and Hamdi Fathy was injured during his participation with the national team in the Kenya match in the African Nations Cup qualifiers..

Q: What about the developments of Muhammad Mahmoud’s injury?

A: The doctor of the first football team at Al-Ahly club says that Mohamed Mahmoud, the team player, walks regularly on the way back to participating in group training during the coming period, indicating that the player performs physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises regularly and is improving continuously, as he performs the last stage of Treatment program before participating in exercises within 3 weeks.And Mohamed Mahmoud had missed the team’s team training since he suffered a cruciate ligament injury and underwent knee surgery and then began physical therapy during the last period..

Q: When will Mahmoud Waheed return to participate with Al-Ahly?

Mahmoud Wahid, the left side of the team, continues to implement the course of the treatment program that he has been subjected to since his earlier injury.Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla confirmed that Wahid will be ready to start participating in the team’s training within 3 weeks, with continuous examination and periodic measurements to ensure that he has fully recovered from the injury..Waheed had suffered a torn back muscle and was undergoing intense physical therapy training to prepare him for matches..

Q: When does Maaloul return to Egypt?

A: The technical staff of the Al-Ahly club is waiting for the return of the Tunisian Ali Maaloul, the left back of the red team from his country, after the end of its treatment program, which he underwent under the supervision of Dr. Suhail Al-Shamli, the Tunisian national team doctor. Ongoing. AndWaiting for the technical staff of Al-Ahly The return of Maaloul in order to complete the rehabilitation program in his club and under the supervision of the medical apparatus of the Red Castle during the current week, or his return is postponed according to the consultations that will take place between Ahmed Abu Abla, the Al-Ahly doctor and the national team doctor, Nosour Carthage after the return of the Al-Ahly mission from Tunisia, according to the player’s condition and the best way to rehabilitate, whether By staying in Tunisia or returning to Cairo.


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