Alone on Mars .. “Ingenuity” is going through the first night


This very lightweight helicopter, which resembles a large drone, was detached from the mobile robot that landed on Mars on February 18th.

Ingenuity has so far secured its power from the rover, but it should feed itself any longer, except that from now on it will be powered by Solar Panels Equipped with it, so that it can warm itself up during nights Mars Cold temperatures that drop to minus 90 degrees Celsius.

And NASA considered in a statement Monday that surviving the Martian night frost is an “important station” for the small helicopter.

“This is the first time she is alone on Mars,” said the head of the “Ingenuity” project at the agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

She added, “We are now sure that it has the right insulation, the appropriate heaters, and that it stores enough energy In its batteries to survive the cold nights, which is a huge success for the team. We are continuing to prepare them for a first test flight. “

Engine and instrument tests will be conducted for “Ingenuity” over the next few days Sensor.

If all goes well, the small helicopter is expected to make its first flight on the evening of April 11, according to the laboratory.

If the test is successful, it will be a great achievement, as the density of the Martian atmosphere does not exceed one percent of the density of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Ingenuity will be the first motor vehicle to fly in the atmosphere of another planet Earth.

The helicopter consists of four superimposed legs, a chassis and two propellers. It measures 1.2 meters from one end of the blade to the other. The fans run at 2,400 rpm, which is five times faster than a regular raft.

And “NASA” reported that a small piece of cloth from the Wright brothers’ plane that took off more than a century ago in North Carolina, USA, was placed on “Ingenuity” in tribute to the first ground flight, and therefore it is currently present on Mars.

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