Along with Miley Cyrus, Elon Musk is co-presenter of a program for the first time


Billionaire and President of the American company “SpaceX”, Elon Musk, is experiencing the experience of presenting television programs for the first time, through the program “Saturday Night Live”Where he will present an episode on May 8th, and the episode will be presented by the famous American singer Miley Cyrus, according to what he announced through his official account on the “Twitter” site.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

And Elon Musk’s advertisement sparked his presentation of the program.Saturday Night LiveAn argument among social media users, as some of them expressed their disappointment at the program’s officials ’choice of it, while some commentators expressed their curiosity about Elon Musk’s ability to present the program. One of the tweeters said:“ This will be the most embarrassing thing or the most wonderful thing. Absolutely, Devoutly expected sabotage.


Elon Musk has appeared as his real person in films such as the second part of “Iron Man” From production 2010, and“The Big Bang Theory” Introduced in 2015.

On the other hand, Musk announced his offer of $ 100 million to the inventors, in exchange for finding a way to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the ocean, and Musk said, “I don’t think we are governed at the moment … but if we continue like this and we are comfortable, there is a risk of climate change.”“.

And in January, Musk announced his intention to present the award to inventors working to combat global warming, and the rules of the competition were revealed on Thursday, coinciding with Earth Day, and he called the initiative XPRIZEIt aims to find a solution to remove 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year from the atmosphere.

The competition organizers said that it represents “the largest incentive prize in history”, and will last 4 years until Earth Day 2025, and many companies are working to find a solution to the issue of removing carbon dioxide, and the cost of removing one metric ton of it is 300 dollars, while the size of greenhouse gas emissions Heat is equivalent to 50 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year.


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