Amazon’s smart home assistant devices support additional video communication features


Amazon announced that the video communication features by Zoom will reach other models of its smart home assistants, and the company indicated that it is in the process of making the Echo Show 10 devices that operate in the United States compatible with the video calling program, so that users can adopt these devices to communicate with relatives or a contract Video meetings for business purposes.

According to “RT”, users of Echo Show 10 will be able to rely on Alexa voice assistant to make calls through the Zoom application, where the user directs a voice command to the device with the phrase “Alexa, join my Zoom meeting”, for example.

The advantage of using the Echo Show 10 devices to make video calls is that its cameras are designed to track the movement of the user while he is roaming or moving within the place where the call is taking place, which will improve the possibility of communication and explanation during calls for business meetings, and will make these devices compete with Facebook Portal and Google devices. Nest.

Many companies developing smart devices are striving to develop the capabilities of video communication in their devices, especially with many relying on them in the recent period to work remotely or communicate.


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