America enters the line of the Renaissance Dam crisis and issues a warning (details)


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The US State Department called on Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia to enter into serious negotiations over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

The US State Department warned against any unilateral steps in the Renaissance Dam crisis.

The US State Department urged the third parties to continue negotiations until a solution is found.

Ethiopia informed the United States of America of its adherence to the African Union’s sponsorship of the Grand Renaissance Dam negotiations.

Egypt and Sudan had previously announced the failure of the two-day Renaissance Dam negotiations in the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kinshasa.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs had informed Washington of its adherence to African sponsorship For the Renaissance Dam negotiations.

The Ethiopian Foreign Minister, Damaki Mekonnen, said during a phone call with the US National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, that “the Renaissance Dam negotiations under the auspices of the African Union are necessary given that it is an impartial and fair observer.”

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi stressed that “all options are on the table in terms of dealing with the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam crisis, pointing out that not everyone wants to reach the stage of compromising Egypt’s water security.” “Because all options are on the table, and cooperation between the two sides is better.”

Sudanese Minister of Irrigation, Yasser Abbas, confirmed that his country “has taken measures to confront the possibility of water shortages with the second filling of the Renaissance Dam next July.”

Abbas said, in a press conference, that “Sudan is taking measures to confront the possibility of water shortages with the second filling of the Renaissance Dam, including storing one billion cubic meters of water in the Roseires Dam.”

On the border crisis with Sudan, the Ethiopian Foreign Minister stressed that “border disputes with Sudan must be resolved by peaceful means.”

The Sudanese military moves are causing tension in relations with Ethiopia, which denies Khartoum’s right to control these areas and refuses to place border markers, while the Sudanese army says it has regained 90% of its occupied lands by the Ethiopians.

For his part, the Sudanese Minister of Resources and Irrigation, Yasser Abbas, criticized Ethiopias position on the Renaissance Dam negotiations.

He said during his statements today: “Our country will protect its interests and the safety of its citizens with all possible options in accordance with international law against any unilateral action regarding the Renaissance Dam.”

He continued, “Ethiopia, by rejecting the quartet mediation, is working to buy time and start the second filling of the Renaissance Dam without an agreement.”

The Sudanese Minister of Irrigation stated that the quadripartite mediation means converging views and strengthening the political will to reach an agreement regarding filling and operating the Renaissance Dam.
The Sudanese Minister of Irrigation warned that the mediators in the Renaissance Dam issue could not replace the negotiators, as Ethiopia claims.

In the latest developments regarding the Renaissance Dam negotiations, the foreign and irrigation ministers of the three countries met in the Congolese capital, “Kinshasa”, on April 4 and 5, while a round did not achieve progress and did not lead to an agreement on relaunching the negotiations.

Ethiopia insists on the second filling of the reservoir of the Renaissance Dam next July, while Egypt and Sudan reject any unilateral action regarding the dam’s deaths without reaching an agreement.

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