Amin Omar, who is closest to managing the second summit match, May 10


An official source at the Football Association confirmed that the international referee, Amin Omar, is the referee closest to managing the Al-Ahly and Zamalek summit in the second round on May 10, after the Football Association’s decision to run the meeting with an Egyptian referee team.

The source said that Amin Omar, the international referee, is the strongest candidate to manage the match, as a comparison is made between him and Mohamed Adel, the international referee, but the latter’s infection with the Corona virus makes his opportunity difficult to manage the summit because he will need some time to regain his physical readiness before the match is managed.

The source pointed out that Mahmoud Al-Banna is the first candidate so far to manage the summit match on April 18th, pending the result of the swab that will take place 48 hours before the match.

The committee in charge of managing Zamalek club sent an official letter to the Egyptian Football Association, in which it objected to Al-Jabaliyas decision to assign management of the next summit match against Al-Ahly in the league scheduled for April 18 this year, to an Egyptian referee team.

The committee that runs the club confirmed that Zamalek puts its full confidence in the Egyptian arbitration, but the club, due to the raging competition at the top of the tournament, refuses any direction to the idea of ​​assigning the match to an Egyptian crew, and to abide by the customary in Summit matches In the presence of a foreign refereeing team, especially since there is nothing to impede this, and to ensure that the Egyptian referees are relieved of embarrassment in such sensitive matches.


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