Amir Abdel Aziz: Carteron restored stability to Zamalek … and this is why I was excluded from his apparatus


Amir Abdel Aziz, the former assistant coach of Zamalek, said that Carteron, the current technical director of the white team, restored the psychological and technical stability of the Zamalek team, which was evident on the performance and results of the team recently, the most recent of which was the victory over Mouloudia Algeria in the African Champions League.

And Abdel Aziz continued, in statements to Ontime Sport 1, that he warns Zamalek players from focusing on the Esperance and Mouloudia match, because if this happens, it will affect their level in front of Tounjeth, and therefore the players should focus only on winning the Senegalese champion, ruling out the complacency of the Esperance team in front of Mouloudia.

He added that when Carteron came to Zamalek, he asked him to work with him in the apparatus, but his brother Ayman Abdel Aziz’s disagreements with the current Zamalek administration prevented him from being in the current Carteron apparatus, and Prince Abdel Aziz expected Zamalek to win the League Championship and the Egypt Cup this season.

Zamalek is preparing for a match Senegalese TongithTomorrow, Saturday, within the sixth and final round of the group stage matches of the African Champions League, in an important and fateful meeting where the white should win the Cairo stadium, while waiting for the fall of Mouloudia of Algeria in their match against Esperance in Tunisia in the same round so that Zamalek qualifies for the next round as the second group behind Esperance. The headliner.

The Brazilian goalkeeper Oliveira, coach of the Zamalek goalkeeper, used a different way to train the guards before the Senegalese match, where the guards practiced in the “mud” after the Brazilian coach increased the water level on the field, so that he could train the guards in all weather.

The training saw the spirits of Zamalek players rise dramatically after the distinguished level and the great praise since the end of the Mouloudia match at the level of all players. Visit of Major General Counselor Emad Abdel Aziz Chairman of the committee in charge of managing the club’s affairs to support and support the players before the Tuncheth meeting to increase their morale, as the president of Zamalek was keen to congratulate the players on the performance and result of the last Mouloudia meeting, and also called on the players to focus on the upcoming and continue their victories, and on the sidelines of the visit, Major General Imad Abdel Aziz was keen on A session was held with the technical director, Carteron, and the friendly conversation focused on meeting Mouloudia, congratulating him on winning, and sticking to hope.


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