Amir Karara jokes with the audience after the phrase “lazy laziness”: Whoever says it 10 times, he will do it.


The star Amir Karara joked his fans and followers through his account on the “Instagram” website, after the spread of a sentence he said during the events of the second episode of the series “Offspring of Strangers”, which was widely shared by social media pioneers, which is “Because you were like a lazy lazy, they were lazy until they adopted homes.” Amir asked his followers to repeat the sentence 10 times, and whoever succeeds in the challenge will follow his account on “Instagram”, and commented, “Whoever says it ten times after some of his work, if.”

The conflict flared up between the forgiveness of “Amir Karara” and Assaf “Ahmed El-Sakka” in the third episode of the series “The Generation of Al-Ghurab” on the TV channel ONAs Assaf gets rid of two people who were sent by Forgiveness to monitor him in an attempt to reach the place where his kidnapped mother is hidden, but Assaf felt that they watched him and entered into a battle with them and hit them hard and sent with them a message for forgiveness that when he wanted to beat him he sends a thousand of his men.

Assaf travels to a place and knocks on the door of a house and asks for a person named Ahmed Darwish to tell the lady that he died 10 years ago. Assaf was shocked by the news of Darwish’s death, as he had left with him Shamia, the mother of Ghufran, who was bargaining with him in exchange for the return of his son and ex-wife Jalila.

The series is shown on a channel ON It is at 7.45 pm, and it will be played at 4.30 am and 2 pm, while it is being shown on a channel ON Drama at 9 pm and will be repeated at 10.15 in the morning and 3:30 in the afternoon.

“Naseel Al-Aghrab” written and directed by Muhammad Sami, starring Ahmed Al-Sakka, Amir Karara, Mai Omar, Firdous Abdel-Hamid, Diab, Naglaa Badr, Edward, Ahmed Malik, Ahmed Dash, Menna Fadali, Muhammad Mahran, Muhammad Jumaa, Reem Sami, Malak Ahmed Zahir Hadeer Abdel Nasser, Salwa Othman, Ahmed Fahim, Imad Ziada, Enaam Al-Jretli, Hamdi Heikal, Ahmed Majed, Marwa Al-Azali.


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