Amira Selim reveals the scenes of the song “The Concert of Royal Mummies”


And in this atmosphere, the Egyptian singer lived Amira Selim Minutes of glory, in which she felt like she was flying in the sky, according to what she described in Egyptian colloquial, “a flight of joy”, and why not when she was the performer that dazzled millions, when she sang The ancient Egyptian language.

The Egyptian singer says to “Sky News Arabia” that she is extremely happy and proud to participate in singing songs in the language. Egyptian Old in a festive carriage procession Mummies Property“, Indicating that before this event she had a great interest in research” in the poetry of our ancestors Ancient Egyptians That was written on the walls of the temples. “

Regarding the atmosphere of preparing for the work, she points out that she lived the happiest moments of her life and enjoyed the preparations, which began since December, with which she took effort and patience, especially with regard to researching and checking the ancient Egyptian language to find out the meanings of words and their pronunciation.

And she continues: “The preparations began by researching the topic of the text that I will sing and the manner of its pronunciation, and this was the most difficult stage, because there are many possibilities for pronouncing words that can be pronounced in more than one way, so the focus was on choosing the pronunciation closest to the historical era during which this song was written.”

After the preparations and scrutiny, Selim entered the stage of performance and how to evoke a specific situation so that she could present it on stage The stage.

Singer sees the opera The Egyptian composer Hisham Nazih happened to him something like an inspiration, so he knew how to put the spirit of our great Egyptian history in the form of wonderful music that made it feel as if it was singing in a temple.

Regarding the content of the hymn that she presented, Selim said that they are the hymns of Isiss dignity written on the temple of Deir al-Shalwit in Luxor. Egypt Upper and lower.

At the end of her interview with “Sky News Arabia”, the Egyptian singer expressed her happiness with the reactions that she saw in the eyes of many, and which she received from the audience, stressing that any words do not suffice to describe her feelings after the event.


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