Among them are 8 leaders .. 70 ISIS arrested in Al-Hol camp


Intervals Security Forces In her statement, which was followed up by Sky News Arabia, Al-Jumaili is an Iraqi, born in the city of Anbar, and previously worked as a Sharia judge in the ranks of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, before moving to Syria and joining the terrorist organization ISIS as the legitimate prince and mufti.

For his part, the media spokesperson for the People’s Protection Units, Siamand Ali, stated that they had arrested 70 of those listed on the wanted list of the Syrian Democratic Forces, including princes of Iraqi nationality, and added in his interview to Sky News Arabia that they had arrested 8 prominent leaders, including the commander responsible for recruiting fighters Called “Abu Saad al-Iraqi.”

The Kurdish leader indicated that their campaign has arrested other ISIS officials today, one of them is a communications expert in the organization called “Mustafa Al-Khalaf”, born in Mosul in 2003, and the other is a security official named “Ali Al-Khalif”, who was born in Al-Baaj in 2002.

In his speech, Siamand confirmed that they will continue the campaign until the final elimination of ISIS cells and its loyalists inside Al-Hol camp, noting that they expect to arrest more prominent officials and princes in the camp, who entered Al-Hol as civilians, and it turns out that they are princes who apply ISIS’s canons against the residents of Al-Hol. Especially after they found weapons, batteries and materials used in the manufacture of booby traps.

Ali pointed out that “Al-Khalif and Khalif entered Al-Hol and they were minors and were considered children, but the international community abandoned its duties towards the camp, so that these and others drew a lot of the organization’s ideology and became like a wildfire ball that would burn the region, if the governments of these jihadists did not intervene and devise long-term plans for grasp. Their threat to northern Syria and their countries. “

$ 500 million annually

The United Nations had announced earlier that the governments of residents of the camp refused to return them, because they believed they had links with ISIS.

And the al-Hol camp in which they live, according to figures issued by the United Nations, about 70,000 ISIS families, among whom 92 percent are women and children, constitutes a burden on the Syrian Democratic Forces in terms of security and depletes them economically, according to Abu Omar al-Adlabi, commander of the regional democratic northern brigade. Within the ranks of the SDF, and its annual cost is $ 500 million.

In his interview with Sky News Arabia, Al-Adlabi added that the camp needs international efforts to support its residents, who need intellectual rehabilitation and cleansing their minds of ideas imbued with ISIS ideology, and said: “Al-Hol needs humanitarian services and securing its walls from the inside and outside, and it is costly to the Qasd and the countries whose citizens reside in the camp To intervene to solve this disaster. “

Al-Adlabi pointed out that the camp is inhabited by more than 40,000 children who grow up breastfeeding from the ideas of militant women, and after a few years they will turn into a terrorist army that is difficult to control.

For his part, the Egyptian journalist specializing in terrorism affairs, Mounir Adeeb, said that Europe does not want to take back children and women of European nationalities and is evading the issue of prosecuting its ISIS fighters, whether on its soil or in the Qasd courts.

Speaking to Sky News Arabia, he explained that controlling prisons and camps needs international support and special detention facilities equipped with all capabilities that ensure that these dangerous people are unable to escape and rearrange their ranks again, as well as the camps that, according to the results of the Qasd security campaign, there are senior ISIS officials who are still hiding among civilians. in the camp.

Special teams

He was considered director of the European Center for Studies and Research TerrorJassim Mohammed, the file of Europe’s return of her children from al-Hol is a thorny one, and he indicated the unwillingness of the Europeans to return them, despite calls within Western countries to return them. He said: “The issue is very complicated genetically, as European intelligence indicated that it is difficult to prove the lineage of these children Marriage marriages. “

The Iraqi researcher pointed out that the European public prosecutors, especially from Germany, France, Britain and Belgium, have sent intelligence teams to Syria, and their mission is to collect evidence and evidence about foreign fighters in order to help prove the lineage of children.

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