Among them were the perpetrators of crimes … the arrest of more “ISIS” militants in Al-Hol


Five thousand members of the internal security forces and units beganProtect the people” And”Syrian Democratic ForcesSunday, a security campaign against the “arms” of the extremist organization and its collaborators.

And the process began, after he witnessed the camp Which houses nearly 62 thousand people, mostly women and children, assaults, killings and attempts to flee during the past few months.

“125 members of ISIS sleeper cells have been arrested, twenty of whom are responsible for the cells and the assassinations that occurred in the camp,” said the spokesman for the Asayish Internal Security Forces, Ali Al-Hassan, during a press conference held at his headquarters in the town of Al-Hol.

And “more than 47 killings inside the camp have been recorded since the beginning of the year.”

The camp witnessed security incidents; These include escape attempts and attacks against guards or humanitarian workers, using knives and pistols with silencers.

The camp includes tens of thousands of displaced Syrians and Iraqis, including family members of ISIS fighters, in addition to a few thousand families of foreign fighters who are languishing in a special section under heavy guard.

They infiltrated as civilians

Al-Hassan warned, in the name of his leadership, that “many elements of the terrorist organization ISIS have infiltrated” the camp “as civilians, with the aim of working within it and organizing themselves again.” He warned that despite the arrest of the officers, “including high-ranking officials,” “the danger is not over yet.”

The United Nations has repeatedly warned of the deteriorating security situation in the camp. Last February, the report of the UN Security Council Committee working on ISIS referred to “cases of spreading extremism, training, fundraising and incitement to carry out external operations” in the camp, which it considers “some of the detainees … the last remnants of the caliphate.”

On Friday, the Kurdish forces renewed their call on the international community to “participate in finding appropriate solutions for the countries to return their citizens of the camp residents to their lands.”

Since announcing the elimination of what ISIS described as a “caliphate” two years ago, the Kurdish Autonomous Administration has been calling on the countries concerned to take back their citizens held in prisons and camps or to establish an international court to try militants.

On the other hand, most countries insist not to take back their citizens, nor did they respond to the call to establish a court, and several European countries, including France, were content to restore a limited number of orphan children from the children of extremists.

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