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Media Amr Adib decided to sue the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, after the latter attacked him during the past days through satirical publications that he published on his official accounts on social media.

Amr Adeeb said during today’s episode of his program “The Story” on mbc Egypt, that he decided to file a lawsuit against Muhammad Ramadan, pointing out that he would take his right completely by law.

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He continued, “There are people whose luck is a beast, they take life in shame and nobody will do something for them, and feel that they are supported, I do not have a problem I disagree with anybody in any need, but when we reach the lack of interest, I am not the one who takes my right in it, this is the law, thank God The law has been denied to other people the past week. ”

Adeeb emphasized that no one is above the law in Egypt, and the offender must be punished by the law, saying, “I run away and take my right from you by law.

Amr Adeeb added that if the court ruled in his favor against Ramadan, he would donate the full compensation to Abu Al-Rish Children’s Hospital, which needs all support.

Adeeb emphasized that no one is above the law in Egypt, and the offender must be punished by the law, saying, “He escapes and takes my right from you by law.

The media, Amr Adib, sent a message to the artist Mohamed Ramadan after the videos he published in which he appeared to throw money into the swimming pool, after a ruling was issued requiring him to pay 6 million pounds to the pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, against the background of causing a crisis that led to his suspension from work in 2019.

Adeeb expressed his dissatisfaction with the behavior of Muhammad Ramadan and the video he published, stressing that he provokes his audience and the Egyptian people, saying: “It was in a case between the artist Muhammad Madan and the pilot Abu Al-Yusr, the pilot was a case who wanted compensation. Mr. Muhammad Ramadan, however, he published a very provocative video for the people of Egypt, sitting in the basin, throwing money or dollars in a water, of course the dollars are real or not real, this is not our topic, but something provocative, he tells us what money is on the boots, that the blessing is not with him. I have no money in need. ” (Full details)

Muhammad Ramadan decided to respond in a manner that provoked Amr Adib, as he responded to him sarcastically with a scene from his series “Al Ostoura”.

Ramadan published a clip from his famous series, but Adib’s voice was provided and he said: “Oh Muhammad, whom we think of Musa, Pharaoh came out”, to answer him with “But oh Baba.”

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