Amr Anwar: Al-Ahly players beat Zamalek in the Youth Summit, despite the difference in experiences


Amr Anwar, the youth coach of Al-Ahly club, confirmed that he does not like to interfere in the administrative part regarding the youth league list, after the crisis of determining the champion of the league born in 1999, because his role is technical, and Khaled Bebo, the sector director, is responsible for the administrative part, stressing that it was important for his team to win “To compensate for the loss of points in the last stage, the two players made a big match worthy of both teams.”

“I ran the match from the stands because of my dismissal in the last match, and I was subject to investigation by the Legal Affairs Department in Al-Ahly because of the expulsion crisis in the Enppi match,” he said in statements to the Ontime Stadium program on the Ontime Sport channel.

Amr Anwar added: “The match was a football confrontation, and those I want to praise are our players who played a big match, especially since our players are under age, unlike Zamalek, who played with 4 players from the first team, such as Imam Ashour, Ahmed Eid, Usama Faisal and Hussein Faisal, in contrast most Al-Ahly players were born in 2000 and 2001, and there is a player who was born in 2004, and I do not say that to belittle the Zamalek team, but what I mean is that there were more experiences than Zamalek players in the match and yet we won. “

He continued: “The match was a debate, and you cannot say that there is an advantage for one team over the other, and we have 8 players on loan from the youth team to Premier League clubs.”


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