Amr El Ganaini on the Club House app: I helped Zamalek to register players


Amr Al-Ganaini, the former head of the committee in charge of managing the Egyptian Football Association, revealed the aid he provided to his club, Zamalek.

And it spread through social media, a leaked call to Amr Al-Ganaini through the Club House application, in which he talks about what he did to Zamalek during his assumption of responsibility for the Football Association.

Amr Al-Ganayni’s statements

Al-Ganaini said: “I spoke with an official in Zamalek, and I told him that all clubs have paid the late dues and I cannot exclude Zamalek. Is it correct for everyone to pay and I do except for Zamalek, the matter was not acceptable”.

Al-Ganaini explained that he refused an exception Zamalek In the matter of Kasongos registration before the payment of the arrears, he presented a solution to the management of the white club by deducting the debt that Zamalek owed from the late dues of the white club at the Confederation of African Football.

Al-Ganaini was surprised by the attack of some fans and the media, accusing him of deliberately taking money from Zamalek after a problem of entitlements to the players, despite his presentation of a solution to Zamalek in order to register Kasungu.

Al-Ganaini explained in the leaked call that he endured the attack against him for the sake of Zamalek, stressing, “My tongue is cut off before I bell the Zamalek club, but after what happened, does this remain delayed?”

Al-Janayni also revealed that he had pushed Amir Mortada Mansour, the former football supervisor at Zamalek Club, to make some statements that provoked Al-Ahly and its fans.


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