Amr Youssef’s sister attacks Mohamed Ramadan: Riba is low!


Yesterday, a decision was issued to stop the showing of the series (The King), by the Egyptian artist Amr-Youssef, and his exit from the Ramadan race, in order to review the historical errors of the series that discusses the life story of King Ahmose.

Today, the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan surprised everyone and announced his intention to present a new film that deals with the story of King Ahmose in 2023.

Muhammad Ramadan wrote, commenting on Zahi Hawasss nomination for him to present the role of a pharaoh and said: “A testimony that I am proud of from the Egyptian archaeologist and former Minister of State for Antiquities, Zahi Hawass.

Ramadan’s comment provoked the anger of Amr Ola Youssef’s sister, who wrote on her page: (Oh day there is a lack of education … he is an open face, uh, but I don’t understand what this heart came from, after the stage and his pictures with his Israeli friends .. Oh God, not gloating).

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She added: (The vision is clear, not yet, I hope that all those who have caught a word of criticism in the cam after and before the promo offer, and is convinced or contributed to spreading negative words hastily before I have the opportunity to see objectively and constructive criticism, that he reviews himself, and shows what is behind the curtain .. timing … He disgraced himself).

The series, based on the novel “Good Struggle” by Naguib Mahfouz, drew a series of criticisms that were crowded on social media sites, as soon as the promotional promo for the series was published, especially with the appearance of Amr Youssef with a beard.

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Historical texts say that Ahmose was clean-shaven, as was brown-skinned, black-eyed, like every southerner in Egypt, unlike the figure of the hero of the drama, Amr Youssef.

Among the comments that attacked Amr, we mention:

“I know historically that the ancient Egyptians did not prefer the chin, which is apparent in most of their statues and the dead .. Ahmose bin Seknen Ra is an Egyptian national hero from Thebes, the shorter from Upper Egypt, meaning the hot sun. You don’t have blue eyes. The advantage in the ancients is that they have left us no room for diligence and no imagination for the director.

“It is the question with regard to the breasts, the folds and the colored eyes, which are in the days of the Pharaohs (all this is not a call to me). Who is crazy about (hair dye) for Reem Mustafa, are the days of the Pharaohs he was in yellow henna? ”

“It is in Pharaoh in Baqn,” “Unfortunately, the promo is shocking. I cannot describe my misery for not properly investing our history.”


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