An Arab businessman brings Hamdo Al-Houni to Al-Ahly next summer


All the roads converged Libyan Hamdo Al-Huni The star and goal of Tunisias Esperance from Al-Ahly in the upcoming summer transfer period, after the intervention of a “Libyan” Arab businessman, nationality, to settle the deal in favor of the Red Castle by all means.

Despite the flexibility he showed Tunisias Esperance In facilitating the deal for Al-Ahly, but the financial compensation is the only obstacle so far between the two parties, despite the intervention of the Libyan businessman to complete the player’s transfer to Al-Ahly ranks, as he promised to contribute to the financial contribution in the deal, or in the most difficult circumstances, bearing part of the value of the penalty clause for the player with Taraji, which is estimated at 2 million Dollars.

ودخل Ahly In a deal that included Al-Huni, with the aim of supporting the team with distinguished players, Hamdou Al-Houni, the star of Esperance of Tunisia, comes on top of the interests of the African champion after he particularly shined during the group stage matches of the current version of the African Champions League.

Sources revealed that the Al-Ahly Council did not request support from businessmen to finance the deal, but the Libyan financier offered his services out of love for Al-Ahly, which he belongs to and considers it one of the entities supervising the Arabs.

The Al-Ahly administration reached a preliminary agreement with the Libyan player regarding the financial aspects, provided that it would open the door to negotiations with the Tunis club on the value of the deal during the next few days.

The seventh day revealed in the last hours that there was a barter deal also that facilitates the completion of the deal, as it requires the transfer of Junior Ajay to the blood and gold team, especially since my family is thinking of marketing it for two reasons, first to make room for a contract with a foreign player and secondly to take advantage of the value of its marketing financially, which makes the exchange deal more important. And the best options for both parties.


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