An Egyptian actress reveals the number of her husbands: “I wish there was a time when they were 20” – Think and Art – Stars and Celebrities


The Egyptian actress Nagwa Fouad sparked widespread controversy with her statements during the program “The Women May Not Know Yakdboa” on CBC, during which she confirmed that she had been married 6 times, one marriage is customary, and the rest of the marriages are legal.

Fouad announced the real number of her marriages that are reported in newspapers and websites, saying: “I have married 6 times in my life, not 10 times as some say.”

She revealed the person she prefers among her ex-husbands, and if time returns to her, she will complete his life with him. She chose the musician Ahmed Fouad Hassan, because he was the one who brought her up and helped her enter her artistic field.

And she continued: “The closest husband to my heart was the last one, and the mistake was not made of him, but I was also part of the mistake, because I was a star at the time, and I had to dance in joy to my friend, because I was under a reality, but in joy I presented the sweetest dance in my life.” All of them, even though my girlfriend kidnapped him from me. ”



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