An important American recommendation regarding the “single dose” vaccine … and a warning added


10 committee members voted to 4 in favor of lifting the vaccine suspension, but they were advised to add a warning about an increased risk of occurrence Blood clots Very rare, but severe.

The group’s recommendation is not binding, and it will now go to CDC Director Rochelle Walinsky, who will decide whether or not to formally accept it.

And she was Wallinsky She confirmed in statements to “Today” that she expects “a decision to be made quickly.”

It is not clear when the administration of doses of the vaccine can be resumed, and the Food and Drug Administration must also change the language of licensing the emergency use of the vaccine.Johnson & Johnson“, To reflect potential risks.

And on April 13th, recommended Centers for Disease Control and Food and Drug Administration Suspending the vaccine after receiving reports of 6 serious blood clots in the brain among more than 7 million people who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccination.

A day later, the CDC’s Advisory Committee, called the “Immunization Practices Advisory Committee,” met to review the available data on cases and make a recommendation on the matter.

After the committee found insufficient information to make a recommendation at that time, it decided to meet again this week.

Since then, new information has emerged, including reports of 9 additional confirmed cases for a total of 15, according to CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force member Tom Shimabukuro during the meeting on Friday.

Shimabukuro added that a few other potential cases are under review.

All of the cases were in women, and the majority of them were between 18 and 49 years old.

Thrombosis occurred at a rate of 11.8 per million doses Johnson & Johnson vaccineThere are no specific health conditions or medications associated with the conditions, including obesity or the use of birth control pills.

Of the confirmed cases, 3 patients died, and 7 others are still in hospital.

Symptoms generally began at least 6 days after the patients received the “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine, and they developed a headache, chills, fever, nausea, exhaustion and stomach pain.

As the matter progresses, the headache tends to become much worse, sometimes accompanied by neck pain or stiffness, and others reported difficulty speaking or seeing clearly, and loss of consciousness and seizures were also included among the complications.


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