“An Invitation to Happiness” … a French film written by an Egyptian


The Norwegian director confirmed Allen Holm In exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia”, that the filming of the film has already been completed, and that it is ready to be shown in French and European cinemas next June, following the opening of the theaters globally, following their closure due to the Corona pandemic.

He also pointed out that the film is scheduled to participate in several international festivals soon.

The frequency of the events changes “180 degrees”

Holm revealed that the film is characterized by a classic Parisian character, and it discusses several issues, such as kidnapping and escaping with children, addiction, hope, forgiveness, motives, and purification from sin, noting that the pace of the film’s events “changes from what the viewer imagines, 180 degrees.”

The director explained that the film is produced by the French company Demo, and implemented by Lucky Light Movie Film, explaining that all of its stars are French, including Benjamin Cagett, AndGayle OstitlogAnd Juliet Mourd, as well as Jeff Docus, Vanessa Prieto, and Joseph de Gabriel.

“A context turned upside down”

For his part, said the author of the work, Al-Masry Ayman SalimFor “Sky News Arabia”, the story of the movie “A Call to Happiness” revolves around a girl named Sarah, who works as a police officer in Switzerland and lives a very strict life, full of pain and hope, embodied by the French artist Gail Ostitlog.

He added that she “discovers by chance that her father is not her real father, so the context of events is turned upside down, and this surprise results in her traveling to France in search of the truth, and while searching for her father there, she is exposed to theft, and events escalate and enter into exciting and exciting adventures.”

Corona hits most of the movie stars

Regarding the difficulties faced by the work team, Selim reveals: “We started filming the film last year in different and distinct places, between Switzerland and France, and we finished it now after a long series of postponements, due to the infection of most of the team with the Corona virus, and because of the isolation and closure conditions that passed. France and most of the countries of the world at the height of the epidemic. “

In turn, the film’s heroine, Gail Ostitlog, who played the main role, Sarah, expressed her happiness at playing the lead role and having this unique experience.

She told Sky News Arabia, “It was a big challenge for me .. My impression of the film was a surprise, as it is about love, family life, tolerance and hope. I am happy to collaborate with the Norwegian director Alan Holm and the team.”

Benjamin Caget, who co-starred in the role of Gabrielle Lauren, said in his statements to Sky News Arabia: “I was very happy to embody the role of a French author famous for writing children’s stories, dating back to the beginning of the 1950s, and the father of a girl who worked as a security officer.”

He continued talking about his role, saying: “In my turn, I used to frequent a luxurious restaurant dedicated to the wealthy and elite of society, after I lost my happiness after my wife, Laura, escaped with our 5-month-old daughter, because of my addiction and my harsh manner towards my wife, and during the events I search for them in Everywhere, but to no avail. “

He pointed out that “with the escalation of events, he gave up addiction and published stories in one of the publishing houses specialized in children’s stories, to become one of the most important authors of children’s stories in France, adding:” It was always inside me (the character he embodies) hoping to reach them through writing. “

Caget confirmed that the film was his first interaction with director Alan Holm, saying: “It was my first and distinctive experience to work with him. He knows exactly what he wants, and I appreciate the way he deals with us .. Maybe there will be another cooperation. I hope so.”


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