An official: “The signs of a third wave” of Corona began to appear in Tunisia


Bensalah explained, in a statement to the Tunisian News Agency, that Tunisia It was just around the corner from controlling the epidemiological situation based on the numbers recorded at the end of February and beginning of March 2021.

He added: “But the emergence of mutated strains of this virus, mainly the British strain, led to a change in the health situation.”

The Tunisian official indicated that the health situation has recently witnessed an increase in the demand for resuscitation and oxygen beds, with the return of epidemiological foci to appear in some areas and the increase in recorded injuries, indicating the possibility of recording a third wave of an epidemic. Corona.

He explained, “It is possible, after 15 days from now, to find out whether Tunisia will know this third wave or not.”

He stressed that the current circumstance calls for vigilance and the implementation of preventive measures on the part of all authorities and citizens, again calling on citizens to attend Vaccination.

To date, the Maghreb country has recorded more than 252,000 cases of the new Coronavirus, including 8,788 deaths. As for the number of similar cases of recovery, it reached 217,000.

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