An “unfair coach” behind the suspension of Imam Ashour in Zamalek … Read the details


An informed source inside the Zamalek club revealed that Osama Nabih, the general coach, is the owner of the decision to suspend Imam Ashour, the team’s player, and not the Frenchman Patrice Carteron, explaining that Nabih made the decision after hearing the player repeating the saying “an unjust coach” as soon as he learned of the exclusion from the squad for the latest MCA match. In the Champions League, then his objection to the coach during the warm-up operations, and Osama Nabih refused to pass the matter without an account.

Osama Nabih spoke with Carteron about the matter and informed him of the need to take a decisive and deterrent decision to make the player a lesson to the rest of his teammates and to impose commitment and discipline within the team, which was agreed upon by the French coach so that a decision was taken to suspend the player and engage in training with young players in the next stage.

In the same regard, journalist Khaled Al-Ghandour confirmed that Patrice Carteron made a decision to return the youths who had been escalated to participate with their team during the next stage, while only training with the first team.

Al-Ghandour added during the presentation of his program “Zamalek” on a screen Zamalek, That when Carteron returned to take over the task to succeed Pacheco, he found a number of young players far from their level, which prompted the French Khawaja to inform Osama Faisal about his training with the first team while participating in the youth team matches in order to gain more experience and restore his level.

Al-Ghandour continued: “Carteron informed Ahmed Eid as well, but the player expressed his displeasure, and after one of the matches, Eid kicked the water box and saw the situation, Osama Nabih, to inform Carteron, who decided to punish the player and exclude him from training with the first team and also participate.”

And Khaled Al-Ghandour added that Zamalek’s technical staff excluded Ahmed Eid from his calculations, and he will rely on Hazem Imam in the next match in front of Senegalese Tongith, Provided that Hamza Mathlouthi is on the bench


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