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A scene circulated on social media of a gentle woman asking her an anonymous broadcaster to reach out and take the money he offered her. The woman was automatically surprised by those who offered her some money without an occasion, and she did not know a way to obtain a little of it except through fatigue and misery, so her question was natural: Is this money permissible if she takes it without getting tired? After that, sympathetic comments poured in with the poor woman who was seeking permissibility even when she was in need, and the commentators elaborated on the chastity and self-esteem that the poor enjoy despite their need, in exchange for the greed that characterizes many of the rich who do not have this innate view of money and how it is not permissible. If I miss the effort and sweat. I think that the poet Fouad Haddad answered the question of the poor woman in one of his poems when he said: On crutches, on crutches / The world walks on crutches. There are people who come and do not intend / and people to kill with humanity. Poor people, rich people / people who earn money without hands.

But apart from Fouad Haddad’s interpretation, I imagine that it is shameful to market poverty as a civilized achievement that we are proud of and proud of its companions and present them to people in a good way so that they feel that what they are in is worthy of pride, or at least contentment, as long as others see in it merits worthy of marketing! This scene has recreated the image of dozens of ancient Egyptian films by Anwar Wagdy, Laila Murad, Youssef Wahbi and Faten Hamama when they were presenting the reckless rich in exchange for the honorable poor young man, and the rich in exchange for the chaste poor girl, especially if her name was Naamat! We thought that this level of drama had become obsolete after the spread of education and the clouding removed from the eyes, and another kind of cinema appeared that presents poverty in its damned real image and shows its danger to society, so what drives now to re-produce clips of this kind? It has been said that many companies, institutions and individuals wanted to donate to the woman who appeared in the video, and it is certain that her meeting with the broadcaster in this paragraph was a good opening for her, but who has millions of women and men like her in society? Are we offering a “program” for every citizen that surprises him on the street and offers him a financial whiff that will solve his problems? This way of making one citizen happy by chance consecrates to the people that poverty is a destiny that cannot be avoided except by chance, so they live in the hope that the announcer in the street will show them and open the banknote doors in front of them after confirming to them that it is permissible money .. Here the citizen cries and the viewer, the announcer and the director And the photographer, Al-Jadaan, and I and you .. And danced me, Jada!.

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