Android Auto is trending to increase applications for navigation and charging of electric vehicles


A report in the Android application blog from Google urged Android Auto developers who work on navigation, parking and charging of electric vehicles to increase the production of apps, so that Android Auto users can see a greater range of compatible in-car apps on the Play Store, according to TheNextWeb.

The blog added, “Apps from the likes of Chargepoint, PlugShare, A Better Route Planner and T Map should start appearing on the Play Store very soon.

By pushing the apps into production, this means drivers can now use the apps as part of Android Auto on their vehicle’s main infotainment screen without having to subscribe to the beta program.

This should mean that Android Auto users will have a wider range of polished apps to improve their driving experience.

When it comes to planning a trip or finding a charging point for your electric car, everyone has their preferences, platforms like Android Auto open up more options for the consumer.

The car’s operating system, Android Auto, is a mobile application developed by Google to reflect features from an Android device such as a smartphone, to information compatible with the car’s dashboard and entertainment unit.

Once the Android device is paired with the main unit, the system mirrors the eligible applications from the device to the car screen with a simple and easy-to-use user interface. Supported applications include mapping / GPS navigation, music playback, SMS, phone and web search. The system supports both touch screens And button-controlled head units, although hands-free operation is encouraged with voice commands to reduce driving distraction.


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