Apple closes all of its stores in France after entering the country in the third lockdown


With France entering its third closure due to the Corona virus, Apple announced that it would close all its twenty stores across the country, and before this announcement, most Apple stores across the country were closed except for 8 stores that were originally classified as essential stores.

The announcement was made on Twitter by the official UNSA Apple account, and the tweet stated that the eight stores, including the Champs-Élysees, Apple Opera and Apple Marche Saint-Germain stores that have been open since March, will close indefinitely starting from the evening of 3 April.

This is the first time this year that Apple has closed all its stores in the country, and recently, cases have increased in the country, which led to the government announcing a third closure on Wednesday evening, and French President Emmanuel Macron said that this would be the last national closure of the country, and since The beginning of the epidemic, France recorded up to 100,000 of the total deaths.


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