Arranging Al-Ahly group before facing Mars in the Champions League


Al-Ahly will meet with his Sudanese counterpart, Al-Merrikh, tomorrow, Saturday, three in the afternoon, in the framework of the matches of the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League, in the meeting held in Sudan, within the matches of the first group of the championship groups.

Al-Ahly group ranking

Located Ahly In the first group, next to each of Vita Club, Simba of Tanzania, and Al-Merrikh of Sudan, Simba ranks first in the group with 10 points, combining them from winning 3 matches and drawing in one, while Al-Ahly comes in the runner-up with 7 points, after winning two games, And he tied in one, and lost the same.

And in third place, Vita Club with 4 points, after winning a match and a draw in the same, and losing two matches, and Mars is at the bottom of the group table, where it comes fourth, with a draw in one and losing in 3 games.

Al-Ahly needs to win in order to formally qualify for the quarter-finals of the African Champions League, which Al-Ahly holds the title, and Al-Ahly is scheduled to host Simba, Tanzania, on April 9, at the end of the group stage.


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