Asala apologizes to Angham for what she issued, and is awaiting her acceptance


The star Asala Nasri surprised her fans and followers on her personal account on the “Instagram” website, by publishing a picture of the star Angham and her children and apologizing to her for what she had issued during the recent period that caused a major disagreement between them.

Asala apologizes to the star Angham
Asala apologizes to the star Angham

The star Asala Nasra wrote, “Without introductions, he seemed to apologize to the dearly friend, always Angham for what Mona made, and I miscalculated … and I also apologize very much to my sons Omar and Abdel Rahman for what has become.”

And she continued, “If Shu, it was not a response, I am accepting and appreciating .. And we were supposed to be under all circumstances, what was not a support for some,” adding, “I relaxed a lot, I dared and did something that I wanted to do from me.”

The star presented Angham her latest music video, “Wadoni At My Mother,” which is the clip that witnessed the presence of her sons Omar and Abdel Rahman with her. Angham released this song for the first time in 2017, but only audio, and the song was composed by Aziz Al Shafei’s lyrics and melodies, and a physical distribution of music..

Angham’s presentation of her latest clip, “Doni At My Mother”, comes after she released her last songs this month, represented by “He Nafas Al Shawq”, a song in which she collaborated with poet Osama Mostafa, composer Mustafa Al-Assal and distributor Mohamed Al-Ashi, and the video clip directed by Adel Gamal.


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