Asala, I have stopped using depression drugs and am experimenting with acting in the Syrian dialect, madam


The Syrian singer revealed authenticity For the first time, the details of her recent health crisis, confirming that she stopped taking the prescription drugs prescribed to her to treat depression, which left her with a permanent headache, and that is why she underwent treatment after consulting three doctors specializing in the field of psychology, and refused to describe her as a mega-star, confirming that the title “Sula” is Closest to her.

Asala is behind the scenes of her first radio interview

In her first radio interview with Wael Mansour and Menna Amer, Asala added in her first radio interview with Wael Mansour and Menna Amer, because he called many stars, and that the name Asala suffices on its own.

Asala confirmed that her meeting with Energy is her first and last on the radio, and explained that she suffers from constant headaches after she stopped taking antidepressant drugs, noting that she hired three psychiatrists.

Asala confirmed that she is against Corona phobia and does not deal with others with fear, and the quarantine period was preoccupied like the crazy woman, especially as it occurred at the time of her own crisis, which she described as “my own corona”, referring to the crisis of separation and divorce.

Regarding the number of views on YouTube, Asala referred to the phenomenon of some singers buying high viewership numbers to promote themselves, stressing that she does not do that, and she said: I know the extent of my influence on people’s conscience and I do not care about the numbers and my love when I let the world say Asala was a close and beloved person.

And she continued: “I love many people who make festivals, and the popular color is sweet and joyful, and the girl of Hiran loves her and rejoices in her heart and loves singing with them, as long as something is entertainment for people and as long as words are not a little polite.”

Regarding her singing with more than one singer of a different color, she said: “I love change, renewal, and adventures, and make a sweet memory that I prefer with people.”

Asala indicated that she regretted singing your pride over your master and said: “It is not my style”, because she has a different style of reproach, and Asala sang the song “Yalla Adai Mash Hikaya” and said that this song represents her style of reproach.

Asala revealed a part of her life among her children, and she said: I love cooking very much, especially for my children, and every time I like to present a different and new way, and she continued: I took the Oscars for my children, so I raised all of my children on the exaggerated love.

Asala confirmed during the episode that she was working on writing her diary with one of her close friends, and upon its completion it would be released immediately, revealing that she had not thought of writing a special song for her.

And about her relationship with Social Media, she said that she does not hesitate to not follow up on any artist who deleted it, saying: “I discovered that I make an effort with a lot and I do not get an appreciation for that.”

Asala revealed that she decided to make a complete change in her life after the album “Don’t Receive”, and during the episode she presented part of her new song “Thank You” exclusively.

Regarding acting, she revealed that she made the decision to act in cooperation with producer Muhammad Mishish, announcing her desire to act in the Syrian dialect.

Regarding her concert, Asala said: “My life is as long as dolls are being chanted in the backstage of concerts. Be sure to take all the positive and sweet energy before concerts from all around, so I stand on the stage with enthusiasm, love and enjoyment.”

She said: “I decided to spread a lot from what I was, and now I walk behind my gut, and in Ramadan I present three series of series, including the series of the artist Dina El-Sherbiny, and the series of the artist Yousra.

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