Asala marriage to Ahmed Abdel-Majid, between denial and affirmation, my lady


Sources close to the Egyptian parliamentarian, Ahmed Abdel-Majid, denied the rumors about his secret marriage to the Syrian singer authenticityBut, at the same time, she admitted that they had a “special friendship”, and the deputy refused to answer a question about the nature of this relationship and whether it would develop into marriage.

Ahmed Abdul Majeed
Ahmed Abdel Majid has a special relationship with Asala

The source pointed out that Ahmed Abdel-Majid refuses to delve into the nature of his relationship with the Syrian star because it is a “personal matter” that should not be addressed, and confirmed that the rumor of their secret marriage two weeks ago is “incorrect.”

Khatam Asala is the reason behind the secret news of her marriage

At the same time, Asala refused to clarify the nature of her relationship with Representative Ahmed Abdel-Majeed, or to confirm that the diamond ring that she appeared in recently is the “wedding ring”, and asked everyone attending the opening ceremony of a new restaurant for Line Hani Shaker, not to ask about any information about her private life.

Sources in Alexandria confirmed that news circulated about Ahmed Abdel-Majid’s intention to hold a ceremony tomorrow Friday to announce his marriage in authenticity, but this step was reversed with instructions from the party, especially since the third wave of Corona is on the rise, and the precautionary measures must be committed, the most important of which is not holding events Social attended by a large number of citizens.

She added that the deputy is married and has children, and if it is true that he will announce his marriage in a genuine manner, it is expected that he will take several procedures to arrange his family status first, especially since the Egyptian Personal Status Law grants the first wife the right to divorce immediately and obtain custody of her children, and the expected amendment to the law imposes a penalty. Cruel to the husband if he concluded his marriage “secretly” without obtaining the consent of the first wife.

Asala Nasri married twice, the first to Ayman al-Dhahabi and gave birth to their daughter Sham in 1992 and their son Khaled in 1998, but they separated in 2005, while the second marriage was in 2006 from director and producer Tariq Al-Erian, with whom she gave birth to twins, Adam and Ali in May 2011, and they separated at the beginning of the year the past.

Asala released statements recently in which she announced her boycott of the idea of ​​marriage, and even made it clear that she had failed in the engagement project and it was impossible to repeat it.

Her attack was also based on her fellow singer Angham at the time of her marriage to music distributor Ahmed Ibrahim, on the grounds that she did not accept the destruction of homes.

On Monday, Asala surprised her audience by offering her apology from Angham for what she had issued during the recent period against her because of the differences between them. My sons Omar and Abd al-Rahman on what became … if there was no response, I would like to accept and appreciate .. And we were supposed to be under all circumstances, what was not a support for some, ”adding,“ I relaxed a lot and I dared and did something that I wanted to do by extending it.

And the melodies of Asalas apology accepted, saying on her Instagram account: We are all wrong, Asala, and it is calculated for you that you have the courage to apologize, and despite all that happened, I cannot accept your apology, and may God forgive what was previously.

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