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Sham Al-Dhahabi, the daughter of Syrian actress Asala Nasri, commented for the first time on the news of her mother’s marriage to an Egyptian parliamentarian.

Interview with “Evening” Liberals “Get Real”: “If he simplifies it and makes it happy, I’ll put it above my head“.

And during the past few days, news about the marriage of actress Asala Nasri to an Egyptian parliamentarian has spread, and Asala refused to comment on the rumors that spread on social networking sites about her marriage to an Egyptian businessman, whether by confirmation or denial..

Asala published, through her account on “Instagram”, a post in which she said: “When there is something new in it, I will tell you about it. Pray to Ahmed and Sham to live a good, pure life free from all kinds of pain … and the desire of girls and boys to meet their dreams and live a stable, sweet and clean life .. Amen, Lord of the Worlds“.

Sham revealed the details of her engagement celebration during the recent period, confirming that there is nothing in life planned.

She pointed out that she was married and then divorced, and then she got engaged and divorced, and during that stage she was learning, even the person she married she became attached to when she was young, and it was like a childhood love for her.

She was Asalas daughter, Sham al-Dhahabi, who surprised her followers on her Instagram page by officially announcing her engagement..



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