Asir Yassin and Nelly Karim are back in stealing the big million


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Radio Energy revealed its program and dramatic plan, in which it participates in the Ramadan race 2021, and the list witnesses a series of surprises, the first of which is the second cooperation between Nelly Karim and Asir Yaseen, after the success of their series last Ramadan, “B 100 W”, to return to the dreams of millionaires in a new radio series In the name of «Ashan Al Big million».

The series was written by Tamer Habib, in which the captor and Nelly participate in the championship, and its events revolve around a handsome young hero from a prominent family, and his uncle requires him to marry, so his luck signs him to a girl who is far from his imagination, and the comedic events follow. The episodes of the series are broadcast daily throughout the month of Ramadan, at 3:30 in the afternoon, and the replay at eight in the evening, and the second day at 1:15 pm.

Energy is also preparing for the first joint radio work between Hanadi Muhanna and Ahmed Khaled Saleh after marriage, in “My Journey from Doubt to Baltim”, a fantasy comedy series about relationships in the first year after marriage, which takes place in the year 2051.

The two young stars play Hazem and Sarah, a married couple trying to reach the survivors of a global catastrophe in Baltim, and they encounter social marital problems every day. The episodes of “My Journey from Doubt to Baltim” are broadcast daily, at 4:30 pm, and the replay at 7 pm, and at 12:15 pm the next day..

Aida Seoudi, President of Radio Energy, expressed her happiness with the strong programmatic map in which the station is participating this year, and the production of her own series for the first time since the beginning of her career in Egypt..

Aida said that most of the participants in the works are from the “Energy Family”, such as Tamer Habib. She also revealed her plan for the return of the so-called “link anchor”, and Sarah Al-Mundhir chose to present this paragraph, which links songs and programs and speaks to the audience directly about trends and news in a step that represents Back to the beautiful time and nostalgia.

The station continues for the fifth year in a row to organize a competition and referendum “The Energy Drama Cup”, after its success over the past years in highlighting and honoring the best Ramadan works through a specialized jury, and the vote of millions of the public..

The Energy Drama Cup episodes are broadcast daily at 10:30 pm and presented by Muhammad Tariq Ada, before the annual ceremony organized by the station every year to honor the winners throughout the month of Ramadan, and its remarkable success..

This year, the Energy Drama Cup will participate in two jury panels, the first to evaluate works academically and consisting of Ola El Shafei, Hanan Shoman and Zain El Abidine Khairy, and the second is a jury to measure the success of works on social media, consisting of Muhammad Taher and Abdullah Ghulush.

This year, the Energy Drama Cup celebrates the late artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, and a part of a weekly episode is dedicated to her to talk about her contributions to the drama, after she used to participate in all the seasons of the competition and express her miss this year after her departure..

The programmatic map of Energy is preparing the Energy Station for a hearty meal this year of targeted entertainment programs, which daily present cultural content in a way and light to the ears of the viewer.

Heba Hassab, presenter of the “The Journey” program, is participating in a new work on Energy in Ramadan, which is the program “Your Habit, You Will Not Buy It”, which talks about Ramadan customs and rituals in Egypt, and the origin and history of each of them.

It is broadcast daily at 8:00 am and repeat at 6.55 pm.

Presenter Sabry Zaki presents a new program, “Talakik”, and reveals the most prominent talents that have been added to the good qualities of the month of Ramadan, and to invoke them unlawfully, in the context of comic family situations..

The program “Talakik” is broadcast daily, at six in the evening, and the repetition is on three times: half past eight in the morning, ten thirty in the morning, and seventh until 10 minutes in the evening. Journalist Zahra Rami presents a live program daily at 5 pm, “We start from the story”, and reviews the tales of the beginnings of the artistic career of the most important and biggest artists and singers in Egypt and the Arab world, and broadcast rare recordings about them.

The program’s host, Enas al-Shawaf, presents the program “The First Time”, which is broadcast at ten in the evening, and repeated at 12.45 in the afternoon, and every day he meets an artist to talk about the new things that he did for the first time at the beginning of the new decade. Broadcaster Bassem Kamil appears in Ramadan this year with a new idea, which is the “Bridal War” program, and hosts a wedding organizer for two different brides every day, and the program presents a fraud about a defect or problem with the groom or bride..

As for Wael Mansour, he presents the daily program “Level Al Wahsh” at 9 pm, while Amira Shanab continues to present her special Ramadan program on Energy, “The Journey is Ready” at 12 noon..

The program “Banarji Fasting” is co-presented by Menna Amer and Ahmed Hassan. As for the fans of Al Takht Al Arabi, they are on a date with Ahmed Adly for two hours every day after midnight in “At Your Order».

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