Asma Sherif Mounir, after her split up: What selfishness?


It’s still a curiosity Asma Sherif MounirAbout her husband, the young artist Mahmoud HegazyHe controls her daily life and her social media blogging.

She wrote a name a short while ago through her Facebook account, “When two people leave each one of them, I still want the other to feel that he is tired of others, or in a worse situation, so that he knows what he infects and does. I am centered with my experience this time so that I really want to learn and grow hard, I sat down analyzing this feeling in all its details until I reached that if someone really does on a day of love, how can someone wish someone like this, what selfishness? The other person gets tired to feel my worth. ”

This is a harmful feeling, and this is not normal, I politely blamed it and told myself that if this is a test from our Lord, one must have done it! Not words and salvation.
And the endings are morals, not pretensions, for all six are in the same situation, if you feel that you have to stand with yourself! Stop yourself, change this thinking from its roots and leave creation to the Creator.

Explore the Kasai and evaluating health I hope to others in a way Elli Taatmnah yourself Ashan {And whosoever fears Allah makes his way out and provide him from where he does not count, and trust in God it will suffice that God has commanded great God made everything much}.
Forgive me, even if you are not the one who made him wrong, God is Forgiving, Merciful.


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