Asma Sherif Mounir and Mahmoud Hegazy suddenly separate


Sources close to the spouses Mahmoud Hegazy and Asma Sherif Munir revealed their official separation after a series of crises and disagreements between them during the last period.

Asma had celebrated her birthday with a number of her family members in the absence of her husband, and posted a video clip through the “Stories” feature attached to her account on “Instagram” and commented on it: “He was deficient in my parents, my sisters, and Laura.

Asma posted a picture of her and attached it to the comment: “Every year is difficult because my mother’s year is one day before my birthday. People always talk to me. You say live and think and every year you are good, after 12 oclock the first hour of my birthday and I hope that this year is better than all the years What has passed and changed my life for the better, Lord

She added: “Oh God, praise and thanks be to you for the passing of a year of concealment. Goodbye to a year that has promised you a new year full of happiness, comfort, security and love. I want to thank my family for standing beside me and in my back, whatever the circumstances, with your love.”

Asma also canceled the follow-up of Mahmoud Hegazy on “Instagram”; Hegazy responded by canceling his follow-up, too.

The couple had celebrated their marriage secretly on September 8, 2018, without a huge wedding, and they spread the happy news via social media.


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