Ayman Younes: It is unacceptable to accuse Esperance of skipping before the Mouloudia match


Ayman Younis, the former star of Zamalek, refused to accuse the Tunisian Esperance team of the possibility of “missing football” in front of Mouloudia Algeria in the match of the last round of the group stage in the African Champions League, which is the match that will determine the result of Zamalek’s qualification, as the white needs to achieve a victory over Mouloudia, until Besides Zamalek’s victory over Tongith in Cairo.

On his “The Philosopher” program on Radio On Sport FM, Younes said: It is not permissible to advance accusations against the Esperance players, and some say that the team has 5 Algerians and the match will be missed. Himself first and wins over Tongith.

He continued: Al-Ahly’s rise to the quarter-finals must be subject to the calculations and Musimani must return his accounts.

He concluded: The Egyptian national team also gave us 3 offers in the last two matches, one of them strong and distinct, but the harmony of the team has clearly affected and the degree of focus is not integrated and the psychological preparation for the match is more important than the match.

وطلب Carteron From his assistant, he spoke with the youth who were promoted to the first team in a club Zamalek Recently, the necessity to take the winch as a role model for them and imitate it in every big and small one that it does inside and outside the stadium, considering that the winch is one of the best technical players and a commitment in the Zamalek team at the present time.

Mentioned that Mahmoud Al-Wensh He was chosen in the ideal formation for the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League, after his distinguished performance in the Mouloudia match of Algeria, which was held last Saturday and ended with Zamalek winning 2/0.


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