Ayten Amer is looking for a crisis after more than 15 years with nothing


After a career of more than 15 years, Aiten Amer still dreams of stardom and becoming an absolute heroine, and her name fills the largest area of ​​any art work, which are legitimate dreams for any artist who sees himself as a star, especially if he sees from near the glamor of stardom and fame. Among his family or friends.

But Ayten Amer’s major crisis was that she did not achieve anything she was aspiring for, at a time when her generation had long preceded her, including her colleagues in the series “Daly” who became first-row stars, while she was still awaiting the matter from afar, which may explain the secret of her attack on Some of her colleagues in the artistic community because she believes she deserves stardom more than them.

In her recent crisis in the scenes of the series “All We Divide”, Aiten promoted that the area of ​​her role was reduced, although at the time of signing the contracts she knew very well the size of the role she would play, which is a third role in the work and not even a second, and she was paid for that role, and she agreed to it, but It seems that she was aspiring to increase the area of ​​her role after that, in accordance with the principle of “our Lord will facilitate”.

But Ayen was surprised that she could not increase the space of the role, so after taking her financial dues, she decided to claim that she had been wronged in the series, to appear in the form of her beaten, to beg the feelings of the audience.

Ayten failed to become a box office star acting, so she decided to go to singing despite her limited voice capabilities, but she sees herself as a singer and said that she is recording many songs that she will present, and she has previously participated in performing songs in some of the films she participated in, but performing songs is something that Becoming a singer is another thing.

Before going far with dreams and ambition to become a window star, Ayten Amer must put these numbers before her eyes 399 thousand pounds in 4 weeks, so that number is the revenues of her film “High Pressure”, and 582 thousand pounds in 5 weeks, which is the revenue of her film “Oh Dedicate O trespass. ”

It is expected that we will see Ayten Amer say anything and justify to herself why she has been standing in the same place all these years, and that she has already justified the failure of “Oh guide you trespass” by saying that some of the artists were not good at driving cars, which are important scenes in the film, according to her saying!


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