Baba hit Mama with a knife from the head to her legs. ”A child narrates blood scenes


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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

A young child was taken by fate to witness the killing of his mother. The sight of his mother’s torn body on the ground, dripping with blood, will remain engraved in his memory, but the most difficult thing is that the culprit is his father, sitting next to the body with stained clothes and a bloody knife awaiting the arrival of the police.

The child “Ziyad” will not forget the details of that fateful day, starting with his parents’ quarrel, ending with the death of his mother with 17 stab wounds, ending with his standing in front of the detectives and the investigation, revealing what went on behind the closed door and embraced by the walls.

“Baba brought the knife and seated beating mama from her head to the edge of her leg.” With these words, the child described the bloody scene that his father carried out against “Umm al-Ayal” before breakfast.

A multi-episode series that leaves “Marwa” to the marital nest to escape the hell of her husband, “Ahmed”. Anger that ends with the intervention of family and relatives, and another reaches divorce, which occurred 3 times, but her last return witnessed an unfortunate murder during the day in Ramadan in which her victim was killed in front of her four children.

The day before yesterday, Tuesday, a reconciliation session took place between the spouses at the home of the wife’s uncle. The session lasted until late at night, during which the twenties agreed to return with her hubby and raise their children

The second after midnight, “Marwa” made a phone call to her sister. She told her, “My heart is constricted and I am afraid I will sleep suffocating me and not working when I need it.” The wife did not know that the next day would witness the fulfillment of her prophecy and she would die in a bloody scene starring a man who had lost his mind.

6 years old, she was the marriage of a driver and a girl 12 years younger than him. Frequent disputes were the mouths of the spouses, although they had four children, but the beating links became the wife’s share, and the matter ended with an unfortunate murder during the day of the holy month.

Inside a simple apartment on Street (10) in the center of Warraq, north of Giza, “Marwa” married a driver named “Ahmed Dahi”, looking for a life of love and understanding.

The marriage resulted in 4 children, the eldest of whom is in the first grade of primary school and the youngest two years, but this did not prevent the driver from repeatedly beating her, leaving marks on her body.

Marwa was not the only victim of her husband, but the list of beatings and torture included his daughter, who had not yet completed her second year, and his son, Ziyad. His thirties did not differentiate between his wife and his children, so he distributed insulting and beating connections to his family members as if it were a prescribed share for each of them.

And “Masrawy” obtained pictures that show the effects of beating the wife’s body, the same thing happened to the infant who did not commit a sin.

With the repeated beating links, many times the vanquished wife left her house and returned to her family’s house to escape the hell of “Abu al-Ayyal”.

Her neighbor describes her tragedy, saying: “When she was angry or divorced, he would not spend a pound on his family,” adding: “Her father is an old man, her mother is dead, and no one else is.”

Yesterday at noon, Brigadier General Amr Talaat, head of the northern sector, received a signal from the emergency police that a murder had occurred on 10th Street.

Investigations by Colonel Ahmed Al-Waili, inspector of the sector and Lieutenant Colonel Hani Mandour, revealed the killing of a housewife called “M.M.” In front of her children at the hands of her husband, “Ahmed”, a driver.

Search and investigation efforts, under the supervision of Major General Assem Abu Al-Khair, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, concluded that the accused constantly quarreled with the victim, and that he had tore his wife’s body with 17 stabs due to his suspicion of her behavior.

Major Hassan Al-Dajwi and Captain Muhammad Harbi, assistants of the Al-Warraq Investigation Department, were responsible for arresting the accused and the weapon used in the crime.

It turned out that the accused ended the life of his wife, who is about 12 years younger, and sat next to her dead body and waited for the police to come to arrest him, refusing to flee, justifying the reason: “I suspect that she is speaking to a man on WhatsApp.”

The necessary report on the incident was drawn up and General Mohamed Abdel Tawab, Director of Giza Investigation, referred it to the Public Prosecution Office for investigation.

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