Backstage in the dressing room … Al-Jawhary trick in Taher Abu Zaid due to 2 pounds


The club dressing room always witnesses many scenes, some of which are revealed, while many of them remain as secrets that no one knows anything about, and often these scenes play a big role in many important decisions that may affect the future of some players, because the room Team clothing is the “kitchen” from which the first spark comes out of important decisions and strong instructions. It also plays a role in achieving victories and ascending to the podium. It also has a role in receiving defeats and losing championships. The dressing room also witnesses noisy discussions at times, and sometimes whistling connections. Therefore, in the context of the following report, we will present the scenes of some of what is happening in Egyptian ball dressing rooms.

The journalist Ahmed Schubert revealed a very interesting incident that occurred between the late Mahmoud El-Gohary, the former coach of the Egyptian national team, and Taher Abu Zeid, the former star of Al-Ahly and the former Egyptian national team. Very intelligent.

And the former goalkeeper of Al-Ahly and Egypt continued, that Taher Abu Zeid was afraid of strong contacts due to the large number of injuries and was very keen to play inside the green rectangle.

Schubert said that Al-Gohary spoke with Taher Abu Zayd once and accepted one of the important matches, and told him that he had brought him an injection from Germany with 12 thousand pounds, which would make him go into matches and training without any fear and would increase his strength and ability to strong contact.

And Schubert continued, after Taher Abu Zeid received this injection in a public match, he gave a wonderful performance and was one of the stars of the meeting.

And Schubert continued: After the match, we asked the late Al-Jawhari about the secret of this injection, which had a great impact on the performance of Taher Abu Zeid, so Al-Gohary said: It is a set of vitamins from the pharmacy for 2 pounds.


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