Backstage of Zamalek’s victory over Senegalese Tounjeth in a four-way farewell to the Champions League … Video


The first football team of Zamalek Club achieved a big victory over its Senegalese counterpart Tongith, four goals to one, in the match that took place between them on Saturday evening at Cairo Stadium, in the sixth and final round of the African Champions League group stage.

Despite winning, Zamalek bid farewell to the African Champions League after the Tunisian Esperance drew with Mouloudia Algeria with a goal for each, so Esperance ranked the top of the group with 11 points, and in second place Mouloudia with 9 points, then Zamalek with 8 points, followed by Tongith 4 points.

The “seventh day”, in the following videos, is shown behind the scenes of the Zamalek match against Tungith, Senegal.

Abu Jabal Ali Dakka Zamalek during the confrontation with Senegalese Tongith 48 hours after his marriage

The question about the results of Al-Taraji and Mouloudia is the first thing that Shikabala did when entering the Zamalek bench

Osama Nabih calls on Marawan Hamdy to respond to the greetings of the fans of Zamalek the moment he left

Abu Jabal is following the meeting with Al-Taraji and Mouloudia on his phone during the meeting with the Senegalese champion

A special celebration between Al-Winch and Carton, after Zamalek’s advance over the Senegalese champion

Watch Hazem Emam’s reaction after the Mouloudia and Esperance match ended in a draw

Watch what Zamalek fans did when the Esperance advanced to Mouloudia


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