Basem Samra to Al-Masry Al-Youm: I want to surrender my property to the army … and I want to communicate with those responsible


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Interacting with what Egypt is witnessing, especially in the developments in the construction of the Renaissance Dam, artist Bassem Samra announced his aspiration to surrender all his property and money to the Egyptian army, expressing his desire to communicate with officials to complete the procedures.

Basim Samra said to Al-Masry Al-Youm: “I will give up all my real estate, land and money in the bank to the Egyptian army, and I would like to communicate with officials in order to finish the procedures … We are a large country and we must stand in solidarity with some very much, and it is certain that there are 100 million uniforms in it. Men joined together, and I hope someone can communicate with me. ”

And he continued: “My country, with its love, my soul, my blood, and my whole is with Egypt, with all that I possess, I am not a joke or something, I speak seriously, and I want someone from the officials to contact me to implement the matter.”

Samra added, “I hope to be a volunteer with them, because that gives me honor. I did the military service and I was a recruiting corporal in the name of Ahmed Samra. I have a good example and a degree in shooting, under the command of Colonel Muhammad Abdel Moneim, and I was a soldier in the guard regiment.”

He continued: “My role as an Egyptian citizen is to donate all my money and land under the order of my country and in its service. Long live Egypt always with its men and heroic army men. I am honored to volunteer and always ready.”

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