Basketball Union: We would have punished Zamalek if it had been its president, Mortada Mansour


Mohamed Abdel-Muttalib, Vice President of the Egyptian Basketball Federation, confirmed that there was no intention to cancel the league, indicating that the same penalties would have been applied to Zamalek if its president had been Mortada Mansour.

“There is no intention to cancel the basketball tournament, but we have difficulty setting the dates for matches,” Abdulmutallab said, hosted by the “Match” program on the “Echo of the Country” channel.

He added, “If Al-Ahly and Zamalek qualify for the semi-finals of the Egypt Cup, the match will be on neutral ground.”

Abdulmutallab talked about the crisis of canceling the basketball match between Zamalek and Al-Ahly, saying: “There is no objection to the attendance of Shikabala and Hazem Imam Yusef Obama, but there were others present in the stands.”

He continued: “Al-Ahly adhered to the implementation of the rule, and Zamalek saw that it was difficult to ask Shikabala, Hazem and Obama to leave the stadium.”

He stressed: “I did not attend the decision of the Board of Directors during the imposition of sanctions on Zamalek, but I agreed to the sanctions set by the Union, and the sanctions came unanimously by the Board of Directors during the meeting.”

Abdulmutallab confirmed that if the crisis of the match between Zamalek and Al-Ahly had occurred in any club in Egypt, the same penalty would have been applied regardless of the name of the club.

He stressed: “The Basketball Association would have decided to apply the same penalties to Zamalek if its president was Mortada Mansour or someone else.”

He added: “If the same sanctions would have been taken in the interest of Al-Ahly or the Union, as some claimed, we would have decided to consider Zamalek as withdrawing.”

The Vice President of the Basketball Association said: “The federation has officially decided that the fans will not attend any future match in the league, even if the teams agree.”


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