Bassem Samra opens fire on the artistic community .. Acting remained through medium and pressure


The artist Bassem Samra By publishing a post by him through his personal account on the photo and video exchange site “Instagram”, in which he expressed his opinion in the artistic community now, and his opinion appeared objected, as he commented, saying: “Representation has become a medium for everyone who works a little pressure remains an actor.”

The artist, Bassem Samra, recently presented his artistic work, the movie “Devil’s Hour,” which was co-starred by Mona Mamdouh and Munther Rehana, who appeared as a guest of honor, and the work is directed by Abram Neshat.

Bassem Samra will also participate in a new drama that joins the dramas in the Ramadan 2021 series, which is the series called “Bint Al Sultan” with the direction of Ahmed Shafiq.

Bassem Samra wants to surrender his possessions to the Egyptian army

The Egyptian artist, Bassem Samra, had expressed his desire to surrender all his possessions and funds in favor of the Egyptian army, and also showed his aspiration to communicate with officials to complete the procedures related to this matter.

I will give up all my real estate, land, and money in the bank to the Egyptian army, and I would like to communicate with officials in order to finish the procedures..We are a large country and we have to show solidarity with each other very much, and I am sure that my uniform is 100 million men united together.

Bassem added, “I hope to be a volunteer with them, that gives me honor. I did the military service and I was a recruiting corporal in the name of Ahmed Samra, and I have a good example and a certificate in marksmanship, under the leadership of Colonel Muhammad Abdel Moneim, and I was a soldier in the guard regiment.”


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