Because of Angham and Sara al-Tounsi and Bahaa Sultan … crises in the scenes of the series


11:00 AM

Friday 02nd April 2021

Books – Mustafa Hamzah:

Between the pages of social networking sites and the courts of the judiciary, crises erupted among the makers of the Ramadan 2021 series, foremost among which are “The Offspring of Strangers” and “Civil War”.

The past days witnessed, Mohamed Sami, “author and director of” the series “Nassel Al-Ghurab”, published a statement on his pages on the communication sites, in which he announced the apology to the artist Angham for the inclusion of songs and quartets that were to be presented in the series, claiming that they were not suitable for the Upper Egyptians that revolve around By events.

On the other hand, the artist, Angham, revealed through her media office, that she was the one who apologized for presenting the work songs. And between “exclusion and apology,” the songs of the series will not be presented.

Muhammad Sami recently agreed with composer Haitham Nabil to set the tunes for the series, and to participate in writing songs, as they cooperated before in the series “Lu’lu ‘” and “Weld Al Ghalaba”.

Singer Sherine Abdel-Wahab made sure, on her Twitter page, that the rumors about her presentation of the songs of the “Meat Ghazal” series, starring Ghada Abdel Razek, were untrue.

Sherine wrote: “After news about the presence of my voice came out on the series in Ramadan, I confirm that there is no contract for this so far.”

And in the series “Kings of Al-Jadaana”; Producer Sadiq Al-Sabah was keen to deny what was published about the participation of the artist Ahmed Saad with the singer Baha Sultan, in presenting the songs of the series.

For his part, Ahmed Saad commented in a statement on the “et in Arabic” program, and said that his participation with the singer Bahaa Sultan was just an initial idea, explaining that he had contracted to present the songs of the series “Dhal Ragil”, starring the artist Yasser Jalal.

The series “Civil War”, which is starring Yousra, has faced more than one crisis since the beginning of its preparation, and the first of which was the Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe’s retreat from participating in it.

And after the contract, the Lebanese actress Cynthia Khalifa, instead of Haifa; Producer Jamal Al-Adl announced that he excluded actress Sarah Al-Tunisi from work, after filming many scenes, claiming that she was not committed to presenting a work permit from the Theatrical Professions Syndicate, and that more than one crisis was raised in the scenes of photography.

Sarah Al-Tunisi, for her part, commented on the accusations, on her Facebook page, and wrote: “Al-Adl Group prohibits me from contracting five works between Tunisia, Egypt and the Emirates, in order to devote themselves to a civil war series, and then suddenly exclude me from work after filming half of the series without informing me of that. This caused me to leave the Ramadan season, and caused me great financial losses. “

She added, “I am awaiting the results of the Representative Professions Syndicate’s investigations in the complaint that it submitted against the Justice Group Company on 03/24/2021 through the office of Counselor Ahmed Odeh, as well as awaiting the public prosecution’s investigations regarding the case evidence issued against them on 03/2021 / 07 “.

Counselor Haitham Abbas, the agent of Al-Adl Group Company, filed a compensation lawsuit of 10 million pounds before the Economic Court against the artist Sarah Al-Tunisi for breaching the contract and her failure to implement the terms of her contract to work in the series “Civil War”, and her failure to obtain a permit to work in accordance with the Egyptian Labor Law and the Syndicate of Representative Professions .


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