Because of fasting Madiha Yousry refused to shoot a kiss in a movie, and the director’s reaction was surprising


One of the pages, on the Instagram photo-sharing site, published a rare photo of the late artist Madiha Yusri, during the blessed month of Ramadan.

And the brunette of the Nile appeared at her home, wearing a veil, holding a Qur’an in her hands, reciting the Qur’an, and showing signs of aging.

Simultaneously with that, let us tell you one of the situations that occurred with Madiha Yusri in 1951 and during the month of Ramadan. The film “The End of a Story”.

He was co-starring in the film, her husband when, then, Mohamed Fawzi, who produced the film, and during filming they were very confused when he asked The director from Fawzi is to accept Madiha Yousri in one of the scenes, according to the course of events.

Here, Madiha Yusri rejected the director’s request vehemently, and said that she is fasting and this kiss will spoil her fast, and despite the director’s attempts to persuade her and justify that as work and representation and there is nothing in it, but she insisted on her position.

The director only had to resort to one of the most senior scholars of Al-Azhar, to Sheikh Mahmoud Abu Al-Oyoun, to fatwa him on this matter and convince the brunette of the Nile, but the sheikh’s answer was the opposite of what he wanted, as he told him: “As long as she feels that this kiss will harm her fast, it is better to postpone filming until after Iftar.”

The director was disappointed, and he fulfilled Madiha Yusri’s request, and indeed the filming of the scene was postponed until after breakfast.


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