Because of the series “The King” .. Ahmed Flux attacks an artist: The origins of art are not pickpocketing news


Artist Ahmed Flux criticized one of the artists without mentioning his name, pointing out that colleagues now do not know anything about the ethics of the profession.

In a post on his Facebook account, Flux wrote, “Artists long ago and until recently, there were norms and etiquette among them, especially in works, authors and projects, masculinity, origins and correctness. It is the norms that say among colleagues, which means custom of our profession with some Zamil based on masculinity, origins and health.”

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He added, “Manhood is literature, and the fashion is a response to literature, and the literature of the two is the origins, the origins of art are not pickpocketing, its origins are manhood.”

Many suggested that Flux’s publication intended the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, especially after the latter announced his intention to portray the character “Ahmose” in a movie in 2023, citing the opinion of the former Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawass after the promo of the series “The King” to his colleague Amr Youssef made a lot of noise since its presentation, which resulted in He must stop the series until review.

The decision of the United Company for Media Services to stop the series “The King” and its referral to a committee of experts and specialists in antiquities, and the possibility of it leaving the Ramadan 2021 race, caused a sensation. (the details)

The truth of the matter is, controversy surrounds the series since the posters and promos were released on social media, due to the beard with which Amr Youssef appeared, embodying the role of King “Ahmose”, which led to a lot of criticism, especially by specialists in ancient Egyptian antiquities and history.

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