Before the fateful meeting .. What is Zamalek’s message to Esperance Club?


And club needs Zamalek To achieve victory in the next match, while waiting for a gift from the Tunisian club, Esperance, by beating Mouloudia Algeria, bearing in mind that the Algerian club needs one point to reach the next round.

Some of the fans of the White Castle also called on Zamalek officials, through social media, to address Confederation of African Football In order to ensure the rules of “fair play” in the last round of the group stage, for fear that the Tunisian club will not go into the meeting seriously against Mouloudia of Algeria, especially since Esperance is within the ascension to the next round, and a tie between the two teams guarantees the Algerian club qualification, and keeps Esperance on its top position in the group .

The audience referred to previous statements of the general coach For the Tunisian club, Esperance Magdy Traoui, before facing Zamalek, during which he explained that the exit of the white club from the tournament, will facilitate the Tunisian club’s journey towards the title, especially since Zamalek is one of the candidates to win the championship.

It is worth noting that Egyptian Zamalek ousted Tunisias Esperance Club from the quarter-finals of the final edition of the African Champions League, and the White Club was also able to win the African Super Cup at the expense of Esperance in the same season.

Tunisias Esperance club leads that group with 10 points, while Mouloudia Algeria ranks the runner-up with 8 points, and in third place, Zamalek comes with 5 points, and Senegalese club Tongeth are bottom with 4 points.

For his part, the media spokesman for the Zamalek club, Amr Dardiri, reveals the team’s preparations for the upcoming confrontation, and responds to the request of the fans of the White Castle.

A message to Esperance

Amr Dardiri says that Zamalek club officials have full confidence that Esperance will compete in the next match against Mouloudia Algeria, and its goal is to score three points, especially since the match will be played on Tunisian soil.

Dardiri added to “Sky News Arabia”: “On paper, and due to the technical level of the two teams, Esperance’s victory over Mouloudia of Algeria is the closest result to the logic in this meeting, and the Tunisian club, of course, will seek to maintain the top of the group and prove its worth.”

The media spokesperson for Zamalek sent a letter to Esperance Club, confirming that the white club is waiting for a gift from the Tunisian club by beating Mouloudia of Algeria.

In response to the White Castle fanss request for the club’s help with “CAF” to ensure the rules of “fair play” in that round, Dardiri says, directing his speech to the fans: “Until that moment, there is no need for Zamalek to submit a request to CAF. He will help Mouloudia Algeria to rise. We will escalate the situation to Kef and perhaps FIFA, so we ask you to be reassured, and we assure you that the team’s management will be completely careful not to oppress Zamalek. “

In the same context, Dardiri stressed that “Kef“He realizes the importance of the last round’s meetings with that group, and that the Confederation of African Football will seek its honorable exit, in an atmosphere completely free of intrigue and manipulation of results.

Team preparations

And about the latest preparations for the White Club to meet the Senegalese champion, the Zamalek media spokesman says that there is a state of enthusiasm and hope within the walls of the White Club, and that the players have insistence to get out of the difficult situation in which they put the team.

He also goes on to say: “The current technical staff of Zamalek puts the interest of the team in the first place, and that spirit reaches the players, and we have great confidence that they will be up to the responsibility, and this is our pledge to them.”

In response to the circulation of some local websites asking some players to amend their contracts before the upcoming match, Al-Dardiri confirms that there is no room to talk about anything before the Tongeth match, and that the news circulating is completely unfounded, “Some sites confirm that our player Ahmed Sayed Zizou requested to amend his contract with the team Before the Tongaith match, but this did not happen, and the player has fully recovered from his recent injury, and has been in training, and his current goal, he and all his teammates, is to advance the team to the next round. “

And he concludes: “We promise the public that the team will make every effort to advance to the next round, and that we will not allow Zamalek to be wronged in the next round.”


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