Belgium Doctors Association: We need an army of nurses to prepare for a new wave of Corona


“I know this is not possible this summer, but it is possible on the ground in the fall,” said Philippe DeVos, vice president of the intensive care unit at Liege Hospital and president of the Belgian Association of Medical Unions Absym.
“An alternative must be provided for nurses who are no longer working in the profession,” the Belgian newspaper “Le Soir”, quoting DeVos, said.
DeVos called for a law to mobilize volunteers, as well as funding to ensure non-discrimination in employment, and an annual refresher course of two to three weeks consisting of three to five days of theoretical training followed by ten to 15 days of practice.
“We have to act quickly,” added DeVos. We should not wait until next summer to think about it, stressing that this is the right time and the cost will be less than the cost of the new wave.


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