Belmadi: The Algerian national team is exposed to strange things


Belmadi: The Algerian national team is exposed to strange things

Reuters /Amr Abdallah Dalsh

Algerias coach, Djamel Belmadi, attacked African arbitration because of the “injustice” that the “Desert Warriors” had suffered during the last matches of the 2021 African Nations Cup qualifiers.

Today, Friday, Belmadi said, in statements to Algerian Radio Channel Three, in response to a question related to refereeing: “We are exposed to many strange things recently. The referee of the Zambia match did everything to destroy us.”

He added, “In Africa, we have become accustomed to talking about rulers bribery … this must be stopped. ”

The Algerian national team faced Zambia and Botswana in the fifth and sixth rounds of qualifying for the African Nations Cup finals, scheduled for next year in Cameroon, on the 25th and 29th of last March, respectively.

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The Algerian coach ruled out that everything that happened to them in the Zambia and Botswana matches was just a coincidence, but included it in the conspiracy category, saying: “Everyone noticed what happened to us in Zambia. The fourth referee was focusing on our bench and did not turn at the opponent’s bench,” adding: “Did you see how the referee helped the Zambian player tie his shoes … It was not even a goalkeeper with gloves to help him with that … and we will not talk about the two imaginary penalty kicks.”

In the past, he referred to the presence of “things being hatched” against his country’s national team behind the scenes, saying: “Our team is the only one concerned with very long travels … I think that things happen in secret.” Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers, and the flight to it took more than 10 hours.

Djamel Belmadi (45 years old) called for the need to reverse these facts due to the great position of Algeria, the strong country in Africa: “We must not accept such matters again. Algeria is a big country, a great team, and it must be respected.”

On their way to the African Nations Cup finals, “Cameron 2021”, the Algerian national team achieved 6 wins against two draws without suffering any defeat, and finished at the top of Group Nine, with 14 points, a 6-point difference ahead of its Zambian runner-up.

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