Betrayal, muscle, and forgery … An archaeologist comments on the mistakes of the series “The King.”


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Monday 05 April 2021

Dr. Bassam Al-Shamaa, an Egyptologist, commented on the series “The King”, which the United Company for Media Services announced to stop filming after it was scheduled to be shown in Ramadan 2021.

Regarding the most prominent mistakes in the series, Al-Shamaa said, in exclusive statements to “Masrawy”: “The most dangerous thing that would happen in this series would be a severe offense to the Egyptian army, as how can we allow a series to be shown in the holy month of Ramadan, which is presented by King Ahmose, who is one of the The 3 most important military commanders in the history of ancient Egypt betray Egypt, because falling in love with the daughter of the Hyksos king is tantamount to high treason.

Al-Shamaa added: “The novel” The Good Struggle “that students used to study in schools and which was represented is a falsification of history. The novel in general does not write history at all, and we should not allow the falsification of history as did Youssef Shaheen and the makers of the Nasser Salah El-Din movie.

Al-Shamaa continued: “Ahmose’s victory over the Hyksos is similar to the victory over the most powerful nuclear states now, because the Hyksos had what we can call the double arrow or the compound, which is a terrifying arc that strikes the arrow in a strong form similar to the RPG weapon, as soon as it appears, and this weapon was not The Egyptians know him, just as the Hyksos used horses and chariots, and the Egyptians did not know them, and they were very powerful, and they occupied northern Egypt for 108 years, and when an Egyptian hero comes, he develops his weapons and his capabilities and expels them from an exorbitant evil and even pursues them to Palestine and they take refuge in a very difficult place, in the area of ​​Sharuhin, And he annihilates them from their birthdays. Is it correct, after this ingenious strategy that taught the world, that today it appears in all of Egypt a traitor? ”

And he continued: “Drama series that depend on false historical events are forged series. A victorious Egyptian king cannot fall in love with the daughter of his enemy, otherwise he will be a traitor, which is not the case.”

Concerning the errors in clothes, make-up and other things, Al-Shamaa said: “These matters did not concern me much because I did not want to enter into these matters that weaken criticism against the series,” stressing that a sentence waited for the series to be shown and then judged it, a right that is intended as invalid because the series or movie is equal to A book, because we are a people who do not read.

Al-Shamaa pointed out that the series stole a famous sentence by Omar Al-Mukhtar, in the promo, where Amr Youssef says, “We are not defeated, we win or we die.” The Mukhtar used to say in the film: “We do not surrender, we win or die.” Even innovation failed in which the makers of the work failed.

And he continued: “It seems that the makers of the work were influenced by the movie 300 Sparta,” because the series’ hero used his muscles in battles a lot, as well as slow shooting.

The United Company decided, according to an official statement issued by it, to form an urgent committee of a group of specialists in history, archeology and sociology, to watch the series, review the scenario in full, and express an objective and professional opinion even if this results in not showing it next Ramadan.

The series “The King” starring Amr Youssef, Majed Al-Masry, Saba Mubarak, Reem Mostafa, Mohamed Lotfi, Mohamed Alaa, Maha Nassar, Basil Al-Zaro, Amir Salah El-Din, Yassin El-Sakka, Moataz Hisham, and the script and dialogue of Mohamed, Khaled and Sherine Diab, directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi And the production of “Synergy” company, which is a series based on the novel “A Good Struggle” about the story of King Ahmose and his expulsion of the Hyksos, by Naguib Mahfouz.

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