Between the hymn of Isis and the choice


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What (beautiful art) has brought about in the Egyptian street in the past few days confirms several things: that we can create beauty and perfection, that we are still able to taste and celebrate it, and that this good art is able to remove the ugliness of our artistic lives to replace it with everything that is elegant and exquisite. .

The story began with this majestic Pharaonic procession with its dazzling music, costumes, rhythms and dancing formations expressing greatness and glory. Unfortunately, the so-called Egyptian theater formations, and the influence of each of them was able to penetrate into the Egyptian artistic life for years and swept in its path many good works and innovations, until this Pharaonic artistic beauty came as a knockout.

We hope that it will be so because of any bad art that took its chance while neglecting it was time for us to wake up from it.

Then came the series The Choice (2), which combines in many of its shots between documentary shots and dramatic scenes in a world-class artistic creation that the authors of this work achieved in writing, photography, montage, music, acting and directing in particular.

Choice (2) came as a contemporary equivalent to the procession of the Pharaohs and the hymn of Isis, behind each of them understanding, awareness and respect for the general public and certainty of this audience’s ability to absorb good art and appreciate creativity.

Inferior currency in art does not always expel good currency from circulation, it is competing or opposing it sometimes, and the task of the artistic devices in Egypt is to protect the general public from bad and bad, not by way of guardianship or authoritarianism, and the electronic field allows much, but care for good and original art and push forward Generations of Egyptian creative people are still waiting for the opportunity that comes when the lament and the technical claim pass their way.

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